The World is Turning

I’m updating my blog more often than usual because these are the last entries I’ll ever make while I’m in my thirties… and in fact this one is the very last one!

But in some parts of the world my birthday has already come! The time is 13:30 where I currently am, which means that in the far east of Siberia and on certain Pacific islands I am already 40 years old!

Conversely, when I turn 40 here, I’ll still be in my thirties throughout the American continent. So if I make a telephone call to the USA at that point, I’ll have two voices at the same time — the voice that emerges from the telephone will be younger and therefore slightly more attractive, slightly more imbued with hope and enthusiasm, and less likely to miss out on opportunities, than my older voice at home!

My 40 year old voice will be in a position to give some wise advice to my younger self, to the voice of mine that is still thirty-something. But what advice can a voice give to itself? The voice receiving the advice will be aware of the advice at the same time it is being uttered — which makes it less akin to advice and more like pre-established harmony. Something to do with ‘windowless monads’ apparently. See Malebranche and Leibniz for more details.

Bye! Take care. I’ll see you again when I’m in my forties…
Rhys Hughes 23.09.2006, 13:36


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atheist when optimistic; agnostic when pessimistic; atheist activist when rebel!

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