WORDfest Crawley

WORDfest is a voluntary festival organisation that came about because those of us that worked in the bookshop, the library and with locals arts projects knew that there are lots of people in Crawley who love to read, write, listen to music and attend performances and exhibitions. We wanted to develop WORDfest because creativity creates community and because, well, why not? Crawley’s population is not far off that of Chichester, West Sussex’s cultural city and although it might be something one would more readily associate more with Brighton or Chichester that’s no reason not to have something similar here, in fact it’s an excellent reason to do so, the arts are about pushing at and bending expectations after all. Crawley is a diverse place with room for all kinds of people and interests and what we’ve begun, this festival that is gradually growing, is reflective of our town.

WORDfest Crawley


About paulo brito

atheist when optimistic; agnostic when pessimistic; atheist activist when rebel!

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