Love Challenge

Love ChallengeI was challenged to write a love story. I have written very few such tales over the past twenty years, just two or three in fact. I accepted the challenge and have just completed a 14,000 word love story novelette and turned it into a slim volume. At one point the story stopped being about love and started to be about chess, infinity and monsters instead; but I managed to get it back on track by allowing the digressions to determine the structure of everything that followed. So, for instance, the ramifications of a particularly tricky chess problem became the love problem that the main character has to solve (with flowers, smiles, winks, laughs, kisses and sighs for pieces instead of pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, queens and kings). This is the way I work. I always try to balance a precise mathematical structure with improvisation. The book should be available soon. In the meantime, this photo reveals its title…


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