they “revert us to the primitive”

On the recent Lovecraft panel that I was on, it was asserted that one of the reasons Lovecraft’s imagined horrors are so powerful is because they “revert us to the primitive”.

I thought that was wrong and said so. I have always thought that the “primitive” mind was NOT one prey to constant fears but on the contrary that our ancestors were far more attuned with nature and felt connected with the universe in ways we simply no longer do and that therefore they were not the victims of fear in the same way we are.

We evolved to live a physical life and by removing ourselves from nature we have created all the existential crises that beset us now.

I don’t believe anyone felt that existence and the universe was an intolerable psychological weight before civilization removed us from the physical environment we belong in every single day…

Anyway here’s something about how we were stronger in the past. But a healthy body makes a healthy mind.

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