Egalitarians believe

Egalitarians believe they are superior to elitists.

Rhys Hughes: This is my best one-liner ever, I reckon! I invented it late last night.
Adele Whittle: Eagle-itarians think they are ABOVE anyone else… they usually are
Rhys Hughes: That pun soars on outstreched wings! You must be very talon-ted to come up with such a joke!
Adele Whittle: Really? I always thought I was a bit bird-brained when it comes to making puns!
Rhys Hughes: Birds are very intelligent so “bird brained” is actually a compliment…
Adele Whittle: S’beak’ up.. I can’t hear you!
Rhys Hughes: I’ll bill you for that later!
Adele Whittle: What are you crowing on about now?
Rhys Hughes: Rook here, you!
Adele Whittle: You’re making me ravoning mad with all this bird talk!
Adele Whittle: Stay away from that Jackdoor!
Egalitarians believe
Arturo Villarrubia: Where does tat leave id-ealits? Not to mention ego-litarians?
Adele Whittle: It leaves them hiigh in the sky
Arturo Villarrubia: it is a bird? it is a plane? No. It´s super-egolitarian!


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