A Sereia de Curitiba


A book of linked stories in Portuguese.
This book does not exist in English.

Book Description

“De Curitiba ao Funchal, de Butrint a Streslau, das montanhas da Ásia Menor à Lua e de volta ao fundo dos mares tropicais: eis a rota desta alucinante aventura. Se a vida é um jogo, Rhys Hughes joga-a com o baralho da mais audaciosa fantasia, sob as regras de um humor absurdo e contagiante.”

In praise of Hughes:



A Sereia de Curitiba

The cover Artwork

Art by Paulo Barros

Details Paperback

  • Paperback, 170 pages
  • Published October 28th 2007 by Livros de Areia
  • ISBN: 978-989-95178-8-2
  • Edition Language: Portuguese

Translated by Safaa Dib 


He wrote it for his friend Caroline Moreira from Brazil!

Rhys Hughes and A Sereia de Curitiba

I’ve just finished writing my latest book, The Mermaid of Curitiba, and I’ve just e-mailed it to a publisher. It’s a nice feeling, writing a book. This is only the twelfth time I’ve ever done it. Other things I’ve only done twelve times include: eat a raw carrot, play a chord on a banjo, get older by one month each year.

Things I’ve done less than twelve times include: ride a horse, gatecrash a rabbits’ party, listen to a Beta Band album. Twelve is an interesting number. Yes.
Rhys Hughes 09.04.2005

External links

Livros de Areia


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