Story number #0159 – Eyelidiad (1995) is the story that gives the book its name.

Book Description

A novella concerning the adventures of the highwayman Robin Darktree as he searches for gold he buried when he was younger. Having forgotten the location of the trove, he carries a living portrait of his younger self on his back who does know where it is, but who seeks to double cross his partner!

In praise of Hughes:

“A desperately needed antidote to nerd-friendly space fiction and inklingoid fantasy.” – The Guardian

“Gloriously demented.” – The Washington Post


  • Eyelidiad
    • Illustrated by Alan Casey
    • Book dedicated to Jilly

The cover Artwork

The cover Artwork and the illustrations are from Alan Casey.

Details Paperback


  • First Edition: 15 July 1996 [1]
  • Publisher: Tanjen Ltd
  • ISBN-10: 0952718324
  • ISBN-13: 978-0952718321
  • Pages: 156
  • Publication City/Country: Leicester/GB

The Clown of the New Eternities

The novel is question has been gestating for a long time. It consists of three linked parts, each of which is made up of other linked parts. The form of the entire work is extremely complex, as is the plot — in fact this book utilizes dozens of sub-plots, all of which come together at the climax… I’ll have a lot more to say about the book in the near future. For the meantime I’ll settle for outlining the three component parts as follows:

  1. The Darktree Wheel
    1. Flintlock Jaw
    2. Percussion Cape
    3. Gatling Gums
    4. Mortar Baby
    5. Matchlock Smith
  2. Eyelidiad
  3. Ghoulysses
    1. Myth
    2. Mirror
    3. Metropolis
    4. Mosquito

The second part, Eyelidiad, was published as a slim book by Tanjen Ltd in 1996.

The first part, The Darktree Wheel, was published in 1998 as part of the Ministry of Whimsy’s Leviathan #2 project.

Ghoulysses is the part that has been giving me problems because of its intricate structure and the abstract concepts that fuel its dynamic. I believe I have cracked those problems now, and I believe that the entire finished novel will be my magnum opus. Well we’ll see!

#Rhys Hughes (06.03.2007 – published in The Spoons That Are My Ears!)

First Thornton Excelsior Medley

Occasionally one of my characters asserts their individuality and proceeds to do more than I originally intended for them.

In short, they exceed their mandate. Robin Darktree, for example, was only supposed to appear in a single short-story back in 1994; somehow he ended up playing the main role in two novellas, The Darktree Wheel and Eyelidiad, and has become the hero of my (long promised but stil unfinished) big novel, The Clown of the New Eternities. How did he do that? I’m not entirely sure…

Thornton Excelsior is another character who has decided to declare independence from my strictures and go his own way, compelling me to follow him down paths I might never have explored on my own. He first appeared in ‘An Inconvenient Fruit‘ late last year, fatally flooding the world by biting into the juiciest peach that could ever exist, and now he’s everywhere in my fiction. Keeping a stern eye on his activities won’t curtail his exploits; he exists in many dimensions and timeframes simultaneously. I might as well just give in and allow him to set the pace…

Accordingly I have collected eight of his tales into a single novelette which is now available to be downloaded and read for free, courtesy of Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction (n.38).

This is just the first Thornton Excelsior medley of many.

#Rhys Hughes (06.03.2007 – published in The Spoons That Are My Ears!)

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[1] Sold Out


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