Funny how we are scared of skeletons

Funny how we are scared of skeletons and put them in the same category as ghosts, vampires, werewolves, zombies…
You can run away from all those other ghoulish threats but when you try to run away from a skeleton you are simply taking the skeleton inside you to a new location. How can you outrun the very thing that enables you to run? It’s like a wheel trying to roll away from its own diameter…


i don’t think that birds really

i don’t think that birds really understand how to fly. i think they just wing it…


Egalitarians believe

Egalitarians believe they are superior to elitists.

Rhys Hughes: This is my best one-liner ever, I reckon! I invented it late last night.
Adele Whittle: Eagle-itarians think they are ABOVE anyone else… they usually are
Rhys Hughes: That pun soars on outstreched wings! You must be very talon-ted to come up with such a joke!
Adele Whittle: Really? I always thought I was a bit bird-brained when it comes to making puns!
Rhys Hughes: Birds are very intelligent so “bird brained” is actually a compliment…
Adele Whittle: S’beak’ up.. I can’t hear you!
Rhys Hughes: I’ll bill you for that later!
Adele Whittle: What are you crowing on about now?
Rhys Hughes: Rook here, you!
Adele Whittle: You’re making me ravoning mad with all this bird talk!
Adele Whittle: Stay away from that Jackdoor!
Egalitarians believe
Arturo Villarrubia: Where does tat leave id-ealits? Not to mention ego-litarians?
Adele Whittle: It leaves them hiigh in the sky
Arturo Villarrubia: it is a bird? it is a plane? No. It´s super-egolitarian!


So now… wind turbines.

So now… wind turbines. They only turn when it’s windy. But are they really powered by the wind? It occurred to me the other day they might be giant electric fans that are creating the wind. That would be another reason why there’s always wind when they are turning. I wouldn’t put this past the government.


There are never enough hours in the day…

There are never enough hours in the day… but I can’t help feeling that if more hours were added it would be even worse.


To the Lovecraftian pessimist

To the Lovecraftian pessimist, the half empty glass is an intergalactic octopus monster…


People who live in

People who live in Philip Glass houses shouldn’t play The Rolling Stones.


His name was Les

His name was Les. Les Autres. He wasn’t feeling himself.


The opening line of a new story I’m writing…

Je ne devrais pas faire des blagues en français.


Take health advice…

Take health advice with a pinch of salt — but make sure it’s sea salt. And only a pinch, no more than that!