Hogwash and Bum Note


Hogwash and Bum NoteThe two most inept and inelegant members Eldritch Explorers’ Club. They were an intrepid and valiant pair and already responsible for a number of astounding discoveries.
Hogwash had explored Aplantis, the sunken vegetable continent, and charted the Awful Anguished Alcoves of the Alliteration Nation.
Bum Note had explored his own sexuality in a Soho nightclub.
Together they were a formidable team and on their very first joint expedition they even sneaked across the borders of Nullity itself and discovered the source of the Nil.

Hogwash earned his name when he went into the wrong sauna during an expedition to Gruntland and fell into the plunge pool while it was full of the pigs that governed the country.

Bum Note’s cognomen has been a mystery for some time. The truth is that he got stuck in the branches of a melody tree and by the time his ordeal was over his buttock cheeks were very sore. A melody tree’s bark is worse than its height, that’s why, and the roughness chafed his essentials while he awaited rescue.

Both are a version of Sapphire and Steel.

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