Unknown Date

  • And my Head fell into the Cabbage Soup
  • Madras Guillotine
  • Nipple Song
  • Information Tongs
  • Madeleine is her own Filling
  • Burbank with a Biryani: Bleistein with an Aloo Kofta
  • Ode to Auburnity
  • The Searcher
  • Highly-Strung Women
  • Cat on a Unicycle
  • The Damnation of Chris de Burgh
  • Charles and Diode
  • Goetic Looking Glass
  • The Fall of Rome
  • Absolutely the Last Monster to be Boiled in a Pot at my House
  • Ubu’s Ablutions
  • Obtuse Angels
  • Mothers
  • A Single Soul
  • Autumn Ennui
  • All had Wide Eyes
  • The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Vindaloo
  • And my Eye Fell into the Bath
  • Corkscrew
  • Old Mother Hubbard’s Alopecia Demands a Second-Hand Periwig
  • The Knight of Whatever


My Only Haiku

This is my first and only haiku, written almost twenty years ago when I wasn’t entirely sure what a haiku was supposed to be… A chord of her hair plucked by clumsy fingers sounds a single note


  • Grandmother Time


  • Acrophobia in Acre


  • My Bicycle is Really Yours



  • Poem for Marc Lyth


  • Cat in a Balloon
  • Cat in a Bathysphere
  • Autumn Cat
  • Rimsky’s the Limit
  • Silky Salathiel
  • Lunar Love Cats
  • The Cat that Got the Cream
  • Alphabeticat
  • The Rescue


  • The Gloomy Seahorse

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