Gloomy Seahorse Press


Many years ago I told myself that if I ever started my own publishing company it would be called Gloomy Seahorse Press. Not for any particular reason, you understand, but simply because I liked the name. However, I never had enough capital to fund the business… But with the growing popularity of ebooks it now seems to me there’s an opportunity to realise my ambition in a slightly different manner. And so I have launched Gloomy Seahorse Press as a whimsical and imaginary imprint. How many books it will ever produce is open to question: I have absolutely no idea.

All I can say at this stage is that the first title is ready to be downloaded and read by anyone who owns a Kindle or one of those other newfangled digital book reading devices… And that first title is The Tellmenow Isitsöornot, a collection of exactly 100 of my stories, most of them from the early days of my writing career and many of them unpublished before now. Think of this book as a minor Decameron… And at the low price of $4.99, it works out as less than 5 cents per story (that’s 3 pence in British money).
If you wish to buy it, simply click on this link… You’ll be helping me out a lot if you do (but if you don’t buy one, that’s fine too, of course!)
#Rhys Hughes (15.09.2011)

The Logo

This is going to be the logo of my small press, GLOOMY SEAHORSE PRESS. It was created by Adele Whittle. The original colour painting is also going to be the cover of my one and only poetry collection, due out fairly soon…
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Gloomy Seahorse Press

Rhys Hughes Collaborations

  • Young Tales of the Old Cosmos (eBook) (2011)
  • The Tellmenow Isitsöornot (eBook) (2011)
  • Rhysop’s Fables (eBook) (2012)
  • Fables of Rhysop (eBook) (This book is no longer published) (2012)
  • Rhysop’s Return (eBook) (2012)
  • Flash in the Pantheon (eBook) (2012)
  • Tucked Away in Aragon (eBook) (2012)
  • The Further Fangs of Suet Pudding (eBook) (2012)
  • Facets of Faraway (eBook) (2012)
  • The Sticky Situations of Zwicky Fingers (eBook) (2012)
  • Ten Tributes to Calvino (eBook) (2012)
  • The Ironic Fantastic (n.1) (eBook) (2013) (Anthology)
  • The Ironic Fantastic (n.2) (eBook) (2013) (Anthology)
  • Better The Devil (eBook) (2013)
  • More Than a Feline (Paperback) (2013)
  • The Gloomy Seahorse (Paperback) (2014)
  • Flash in the Pantheon (Paperback) (2014)
  • The Sticky Situations of Zwicky Fingers (Paperback) (2014)
  • Rhysop’s Fables (Paperback) (2014)
  • Journeys Beyond Advice (Paperback) (2014)
  • Bottled Love Story (Paperback) (2014)

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