Eternal Horizon

The September issue of Lightspeed Magazine has just come out in its ebook edition. This issue contains my story ‘Eternal Horizon‘ which is about what happens when the horizon gives birth and the sun starts to set behind the baby horizon instead of the real one, threatening to boil the oceans away, a disaster that can only be prevented by some pirates and a sea goddess…


Just finished writing my 742nd story

Just finished writing my 742nd story. ‘The Melon Seller’ is about what happens when Atlas is no longer required to hold up the Earth and needs to find another job. This tale was inspired by the time I bought a watermelon that was so large I had to carry it home on my shoulders, like a titan propping up a planet…

Prolific Writer, where do you…

Gio Clairval: Prolific Writer, where do you find all those ideas of yours? Do they circle about in your head all at a time? Do they ambush you, holding a gun to your temple? Do they keep you in a mental oubliette until you spit everything onto the wriggling white page?

Rhys Hughes: i believe it is just a question of practice as with anything… the more i write, the more easily ideas come to me… these days they won’t leave me alone, they bubble up from somewhere or appear out of nowhere in my waking life, roused into being from a random word, glance, position or situation

Rhys Hughes: and yes i get agitated if i don’t express these ideas as stories… but recently i met a wonderful woman called Nina who is so full of ideas and has such a great imagination that just talking with her satisfied my need to express ideas all the time, though on the obverse side she has inspired many new ones too… but this is all good. 🙂


a story about polyhedra

Today I am going to start writing a story about polyhedra and each page of the story will be a pattern of creases that can be folded into a tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron, and when they are folded in this manner the words will join up properly and make sense…
It’s a silly idea and more work than it’s worth but I want to do it anyway…


Too tired today to do any hiking

Too tired today to do any hiking. I will go for a long walk this evening instead. So I will be starting work on my 741st story this afternoon, which is probably going to be called something like ‘Gathering the Genial Genies’ and will be about a man who collects genies. It will only be a few pages long and will be written with the aid of regular coffee and some chocolate.


I don’t normally mention individual story sale

I don’t normally mention individual story sales because there are too many of them, but delighted just now to receive e-mail confirmation that i have sold a story to an anthology with a very unappeasable editor, someone who is a bit like the dog Cerberus guarding the gates of hades and preventing any stories from slipping past…


One of the things I love about writing

One of the things I love about writing is being asked out of the blue by a publisher for permission to reprint a story written years or decades ago and offering good rates for it. In other words, passive income! Getting paid again for work already done long ago…
Back in 1920 the newly formed Nazi Party constructed a “25 point plan” in which they promised to abolish passive income. Luckily the Nazis were defeated and now I’m getting cash for a story I have already sold four times. All I have to do is wave my hand and say “you have permission” and that’s food for a week…
The reality of passive income is one of the reasons I’ll never go back to ‘normal’ work and also one of the reasons I am currently celebrating our victory in WWII.


Thinking about starting to write a novel

Thinking about starting to write a novel that has been in my head for many years… But a novel is so much more of a commitment than a short story. It requires a deep breath before one jumps into it.


It’s a Welsh “Western” called FISTS OF FLEECE.
I have had the idea for about 15 years… I can’t keep putting off writing the actual thing…


Just finished writing my 739th story

Just finished writing my 739th story. This one is called ‘Canute a Little’ and is about a man who performs a ‘Reverse Canute’, which is something I intend to do for real quite soon, i.e. sitting on a chair in the sea when the tide is coming in and telling the land to “go back!”… Unlike the normal Canute, the Reverse Canute actually works! The title of my story alludes to the “can’t act, can’t sing” feedback given to Fred Astaire when he went for an early audition…


This morning I finished writing my 737th and 738th stories

This morning I finished writing my 737th and 738th stories. It’s unusual for me to finish two stories on the same day. The first one is called ‘The Unkissed Artist Formerly Known as Frog’ and is about a talented artist no one takes seriously because of his froginess; the second is called ‘Jekking the Oofers’ and is about SFinglish, the future language that can only be spoken in the present.