They told me that my new boss was a “micro-manager” but when I started work at the laboratory conditions were very relaxed and no one criticized the details of what I did. In fact there didn’t seem to be a manager of any sort present in the workspace… Then I happened to glance through a microscope and saw him jumping about on the slide and tearing his hair out.


This is today’s microfiction…


“Please come back to me!” pleaded the man.
But the woman merely wrote on a clipboard with a red pen. “I give the pimple on your nose six out of ten,” she said.



My Own Version of the annoying 1959 Sound of Music song by Rodgers and Hammerstein:

Dough, a loaf, an unbaked loaf,
Ray, a science fiction gun,
ME, a condition causing lethargy,
Far, a Fawcett without the rah,
So, a Peter Gabriel album,
Laa, a Teletubby cut in two,
T, a bone in a bluesy Walker,

That will bring us back to:

Dough, a loaf, an unbaked loaf…

Postmodern Mariner (21.11.2009)