They told me that my new boss was a “micro-manager” but when I started work at the laboratory conditions were very relaxed and no one criticized the details of what I did. In fact there didn’t seem to be a manager of any sort present in the workspace… Then I happened to glance through a microscope and saw him jumping about on the slide and tearing his hair out.



My Own Version of the annoying 1959 Sound of Music song by Rodgers and Hammerstein:

Dough, a loaf, an unbaked loaf,
Ray, a science fiction gun,
ME, a condition causing lethargy,
Far, a Fawcett without the rah,
So, a Peter Gabriel album,
Laa, a Teletubby cut in two,
T, a bone in a bluesy Walker,

That will bring us back to:

Dough, a loaf, an unbaked loaf…

Postmodern Mariner (21.11.2009)