Little People Questions

In one way or another someone always puts a question to Rhys Hughes about any detail of his writing or his life.
Sometimes is just a question, but in the answer we learn a little [1] more about Rhys Hughes.


Gary Fry (Gary_fry): Which horror writers do you base your opinions of the genre on, Rhys?


Elizabeth Nice: “You seem incredibly prolific. How many words do you write a day, on average? Just curious.”


Rachel Kendall: I know you asked people to send in pics for your monster book too.
Trent Walters: What are some of your favorite titles?


Of course this section will not have all the questions and answers. And or but I’m speaking for myself. – Paulo Brito
[1] The idea for the title of this wiki section came from the name of the company “Little People Inc.” that is used in the story Goblin Sunrise (1993).


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