The pomegranate is

The pomegranate is an underrated fruit in Britain…
In the Middle East they have often been compared to the breasts of a woman in poetry; and in Spain there is even a city named after it. Deluged with Greek yoghurt is just one example of how they can be used to delight the tastebuds…


My 3 positives for day 1 are:

I’ve been nominated by Olivia Kirschner to post for 5 days 3 positive things of my life

My 3 positives for day 1 are:

1: I came a fan of Giothermal energy (not quite the same as geothermal),

2: I finished writing a new story,

3: I spilled a full mug of coffee on my carpet but realised that the darker colour of the spill area looks better than the colour of the original carpet, so tomorrow i plan to soak the entire carpet in coffee.

I used to think that a work of fiction should…

I used to think that a work of fiction should be like a game of chess between the author and the reader, but now I think it ought to be more like a dance instead, without a winner or loser, and with the opportunity to try many different styles…


Intensity without Pressure

Intensity without Pressure.

A motto and an ideal for a love of life;
and for a lovelife too…


One day the alligator…

One day the alligator really is going to see us later — and then we’ll be sorry!


I decided to get a face lift

I decided to get a face lift. My chin was tired of taking the stairs to my brow…


The barber told me that I have really thick hair and it’s true

The barber told me that I have really thick hair and it’s true. My hair doesn’t even know the difference between differential and integral calculus.


They say that “every bit helps”

They say that “every bit helps” but something bit me last night and it hasn’t helped at all.


If your wit is too sharp

If your wit is too sharp, people will call you a prick…


A moth got into the kettle

A moth got into the kettle and drowned overnight but I didn’t realise this in time. So I ended up having mothee instead of coffee for breakfast…